A challenging and selfless choice, some women find the idea of placing a child in a loving adoptive home an overwhelming idea. But you might come to the conclusion that it’s the most hopeful option for both you and your child. If this becomes your decision, we will support it in every way we know how, including providing you with a variety of resources.

Women choosing adoption today can be involved with just about every step of the process. You can choose the parents for your child, create the adoption plan that you’re comfortable with, and even meet the adoptive parents.

Adoption isn’t an easy choice, but neither is parenting or abortion. Adoption can be one of the most loving and unselfish decisions a woman can make.

If you have questions about adoption, we can help you find answers! It’s okay to ask questions and explore all of your options. We’re here… let’s talk!

WRC is not an adoption agency and is not affiliated with an adoption agency. We do not benefit financially from your decision regarding whether or not to choose adoption.