Do You Want to Parent but Don’t Feel Ready?  

Finding out that you are pregnant can seem overwhelming and even impossible at times. We get it. Parenting is a challenging road, and yet rewarding. Some of the questions you may be asking yourself could include: 

  • Do I have support from my partner or parents? 
  • How will parenting impact my job or education? 
  • Can I financially support a child? 
  • What resources are available to help me raise my child? 

We can come alongside you as you think about these questions and provide you direction and support. Our caring team can also direct you to resources that may be more valuable than you realize. Please know that as you consider your future, it’s best to gather as much information as possible before finalizing any plans. 

Parenting Resources 

If you do choose to parent, we can offer you help and support. You don’t have to face this journey alone. 

At WRC, we offer a diaper programa parenting classmentoring, all free to you. We want you to feel supported in your decision making. Whether this is your first pregnancy or third, we want to help you on this new adventure. 

Call us today to schedule an appointment to talk about what’s steps to take next.